No matter if you’ve woken up long before or after the sun has risen, Urban Nature Culture’s Good Morning series is always there to accompany you for breakfast. Our latest addition is the Fir Green shaded, ceramic beauty that’s this small plate. Use it for keeping your teabag next to your mug, add a piece of your favorite fruit, or sneak in a little petit four or mini cupcake – life is short, so you might as well have dessert first!

Good Morning Plate Small Fir Green

€ 6,50Prijs
    • Material: Stoneware 
    • Color: Green 
    • Size: Ø9 * 0.9 CM 
    • Food Safe:  Yes 
    • Dishwasher Safe:  No 
    • Microwave Safe:  No 
    • Oven Safe:  No