“Within you, is the light of a thousand suns.” Robert Adams | Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to reflect upon ourselves, and discover our light within. As daylight gets more rare and we spend most of our time indoors, it’s the light within us that makes our house a home – that AND beautiful items like Urban Nature Culture’s Candle Holder. Made of ecomix – an eco-friendly material made of natural and recycled components – and carrying graceful, round details that make it both modern, historical and playful, this hand-crafted, crème-colored beauty is ready to shed some light on your life.

Urban Nature Culture Candle Holder Historic L

€ 39,95Prijs
    • Material:  Eco mix 
    • Color:  Creme 
    • Size:  Ø9.6 * 39.5 CM 
    • Weight:  812
    • Food Safe:  No 
    • Dishwasher Safe:  Non applicable 
    • Microwave Safe:  Non applicable 
    • Oven Safe:  Non applicable