No matter how warm the summer gets, the nights can still be dark and quiet. All the right reason to light a candle and enjoy the heat. Urban Nature Culture’s candle holder Rafah is made of eco mix – an eco-friendly alternative made of recycled paper pulp, natural gum and chalk powder, with a matt black and grainy finish. Its design is inspired by the Middle East, where they know a thing or two on how to create the right atmosphere for long, warm evenings outdoors.

Urban Nature Culture Candle Holder Rafah

€ 34,95Prijs
    • Material:  Eco mix 
    • Color:  Black 
    • Size:  Ø9.5 * H 38.7 cm 
    • Weight:  585
    • Food Safe:  Non applicable 
    • Dishwasher Safe:  Non applicable 
    • Microwave Safe:  Non applicable 
    • Oven Safe:  Non applicable