Glass and iron make a wonderful couple – with fragility and power uniting in an exciting game of design. Urban Nature Culture’s candle holder brings together matt glass and golden iron, with strong, iron lines carrying the base to your candle – a carrier of light. It makes a great gift for anyone who is in need of some light in those darker days of autumn and winter. Available in white, sea foam green and cameo brown. Glass is made of 70% recycled glass and 30% fresh glass.

Urban Nature Culture Wax Light Holder On Foot Frosted White In Gift Pack

€ 9,95Prijs
    • Material:  Recycled glass with metal 
    • Color:  White / Gold 
    • Size:  Ø8.4 * 12.1 CM 
    • Weight:  281
    • Food Safe:  No 
    • Dishwasher Safe:  Non applicable 
    • Microwave Safe:  Non applicable 
    • Oven Safe:  Non applicable